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Translating the Colors and Symbols in your Turkish Rug

A vintage Turkish rug is more than a stunning piece of home decor. It’s an artistic reflection of a culture steeped in history and heritage. The craft, style, and aesthetic of these vintage rugs pay homage to a cherished tradition that dates back thousands of years to a region known as “the cradle of civilization.” Nomadic tribes  in the Central Asia area used basic floor coverings for protection from severe weather conditions and acted as the first area rugs. They are handmade of wool, silk, and cotton. Turkish rug weaving became more widespread around the 13th century. Traditionally, women have been the creators of Turkish rugs. The skillset was ideal to possess, especially if a young woman  wanted to marry...

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Why your Turkish rug is so valuable

To own a vintage Turkish rug is to own a work of art. Each rug contains its own story and character, its own individuality and expression, and authentic materials sourced directly from the land. For these reasons alone, authentic vintage Turkish rugs are incredibly valuable. What’s more, Turkish rugs carry with them a legacy that few civilizations and societies can match: For thousands of years, these rugs have been used as basic floor coverings, prayer rugs, wall tapestries, table cloths, blankets, and more. They have traditionally been considered sacred pieces of spiritual practice, wedding dowries and gifts, and precious family heirlooms. They reflect a longstanding history of cultural and artistic expression that has been cherished for generations. Take a deeper...

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