Six Vintage Rugs was created in 2018 to bring you the best prices on Turkish rugs without traveling to the Grand Bazaar yourself. By keeping our overhead low, and working exclusively with one trusted supplier in Turkey, we are able to keep our costs down and never compromise on quality. 

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"When I was rug shopping for our new house, I stumbled upon Liz's shop and was blown away by the beautiful rugs she had to offer and the affordable price tags attached to them."
For the Love of Vintage Rugs with Six Vintage Rugs
Driftless Wanderings
The 10 Most Inspiring Small Business Owners of 2019 - November 30, 2019
Liz Sickinger
Owner, 6146012443
Liz created Six Vintage Rugs after realizing a need for reasonably priced, quality vintage rugs in the US. She works exclusively with one supplier in Turkey, who is also female entrepreneur. She sees a vision of growing Six Vintage Rugs over the next 5 years to reach more American consumers and offer a large inventory of Turkish Rugs while keeping her core value of affordable prices without compromising quality.
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